Bud Lights Latest Attempt At Damage Control Is Laughable


AnheuserBusch released a new ad on social media last Friday in the wake of the controversy surrounding its partnership with transgender TikTok personality Dylan Mulvaney. The commercial features a Budweiser Clydesdale horse as it gallops across America with visuals of iconic landmarks like the Grand Canyon and the St. Louis Arch. The ad has already been viewed by over 39 million people on Twitter.

The ad may be an attempt by AnheuserBusch to win back their lost customers. After the Mulvaney affair, sales of Bud Light dropped and AnheuserBuschs stock dipped to a 52week low. In response, AnheuserBusch CEO Brendan Whitworth issued a statement reaffirming their commitment to thefabric of the country but failed to offer an apology or address the issue of partnering with Mulvaney.

The commercial features a narrator describing the story of Budweiser while the Clydesdale horse trots across the Brooklyn Bridge and other landmarks. Men are shown drinking beer and shaking hands, accompanied by uplifting music. The ad is a tribute to brotherhood but only one woman is featured.

The ad has been met with mixed reactions from social media users. Some thought it was a nice commercial but still expressed displeasure with AnheuserBuschs decision to team up with Mulvaney. Others said they would never drink AnheuserBusch products again.

Is it possible this commercial will successfully win back beer drinkers offended by the Mulvaney affair? Many believe AnheuserBusch should not have strayed from its traditional values and caved to the demands of the socalledwoke mob. This ad is an attempt by AnheuserBusch to reaffirm its commitment to American values. Still, it may not be enough to salvage the companys reputation with its conservative customer base.