Altercation Involves Police At School Board Meeting


On September 12, 2023 an altercation occurred during the Central Bucks School Board meeting in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Witnesses reported that the altercation involved a man who had publicly addressed the board and the husband of one of the Democratic members of the School Board.

The husband’s name is Steve Sullivan and is a local Democratic activist serving as the campaign manager for Neighbors United for Central Bucks School Board.

While there are conflicting accounts of the events that led to the altercation, three witnesses reported that the man had concluded his public comment and appeared to throw a stack of papers at the husband of the School Board member who was seated in the audience. The husband then picked up a chair. Police present in the meeting room took both men out of the meeting.

However, pictures from the meeting show that Sullivan may have charged a woman who had just spoken with a chair and an 85-year-old man was in the way.

Police were present and did respond.

Sullivan denied that he was arrested or cited, and stated that the speaker had initially walked by him, then circled back and said something obscene about his wife before throwing the papers. He said that he jumped up and his hand got stuck in the back of a chair and he lifted it up before putting it back down.


Another witness described the events differently, stating that they had stepped out of the way to avoid getting near the man with the chair and that the chair was in an attempt to assault the speaker. The speaker did not respond to an emailed request for comment.

The School Board immediately went into recess and when they resumed the meeting they tried to restore order and moved forward on the agenda items. They also specified that those who had not spoken would be given priority for public comment at the October meeting.

The meeting was to hold public comments before the board votes on whether to allow biological boys to compete in biological female sports. According to reports the majority will not allow transgender athletes to compete in the gender of their choosing.

That has Democrats incensed and things got dicey.

According to Rich Baris, there is a video, and as soon as he posts it, we will place it here but we do have some pictures of what took place.

Update: The video has been released and you can watch it below.

This is a developing story and as it changes, we will update it.