Bluegrass State Residents Confused by ‘Sasquatch Warning’

Sure 2020 was weird, and 2021 hasn’t exactly been a return to the status quo, but it’s not yet that weird…right?

This certainly feels like the sort of year where some major, paranormal-type debate will get settled to the advantage of the true believers, who’ve spent their lives being mocked by the “science at all costs” crowd.

UFO’s already seemed to have their year last year, and ghosts may still be too controversial a subject here in the United States, but the cryptid community continues to grow every day.

But, among the seekers of Sasquatch, there are a few pranksters it seems.

Kentucky residents were likely either amused or bewildered by an official-looking notice that made the rounds on social media and cautioned that Bigfoot had been spotted near the state’s waterways. The odd announcement reportedly popped up on several localized social media groups earlier this month and, as such strange posts tend to do, wound up being shared widely by people online. Emblazoned with the official logo of the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources, the cleverly crafted but ultimately bogus bulletin supposedly served as a ‘Sasquatch Warning.’

And there was some genuine confusion too boot.

Since the warning appeared online at around the same time that a genuine state of emergency was declared because of the aforementioned flooding, it’s understandable how some Kentucky residents might actually believe that Bigfoot was seen roaming the area. Of course, that was not the case and the state’s Department of Fish & Wildlife Resource quickly squashed the Sasquatch rumor, indicating that the warning was fake and local police departments to not share the notice online. The U.S. Forest Service was forced to issue a similar statement back in 2018 when a prankster produced an announcement proclaiming that officials in Montana were on the lookout for Bigfoot following a series of sightings.

Belief in bigfoot may be at an all-time high here in the US, but there still has et to be any fully-vetted scientific evidence of the creature.