Bill Maher LOSES IT! Says ‘Liberal’ Can Not Be ‘Woke’


HBO host Bill Maher has made his career by being an outspoken liberal in Hollywood, often employing a rather snarky and abrasive tone to the sort of progressive arguments that can make conservative blood boil.

But the entertainer has been taking a strange turn of late, pushing back against the newer, radical leftism that has permeated Washington DC, and skewering “woke” culture every chance he gets.

This week was no exception, as he spoke with billionaire entrepreneur Mark Cuban.

“I’d rather start a business in Dallas all day, every day. I will not in San Francisco,” Cuban said.

Maher agreed and, sensing the criticism he’d receive from fellow liberals, said of the conversation: “The woke will cast this to some sort of two conservatives. No, we’re not conservatives. We’re not conservative…. You guys don’t get it. Woke and liberal are two different things.”

That wasn’t all…

He continued, “They’re very often the f—ing opposite of each other… Freedom should be a liberal thing.”

Showcasing a growing weariness even among liberals for woke culture, Maher added, “All my friends, at least the ones like on the coasts who are like our age… they all b—h endlessly about their f—ing woke kids.”

He added, “Again, these are liberal people. These are not people who are voting for Trump.”

Maher has been at pushing back at “wokeness” for a while, previously decrying the fact that some subjects have become impossible to speak about unless you want “the mob” coming after you.