Bill Clinton Comments On NYC Crisis


You know it is bad when former President Bill Clinton makes a public statement and it splits with the Biden administration.

For years, Democrats turned cities they ran into sanctuary cities, creating right-to-shelter laws. It was a move to show how compassionate they are from the evil Republicans who don’t want to allow people to migrate to America.

At the time these laws were enacted, there was little downside. It was the border states that were dealing with most of the influx.

That is until now, even the Democrat mayor of El Paso, Texas, is shipping illegal immigrants coming across the border to sanctuary cities in an effort to lessen their load amidst the flood of people crossing.

The decision by Republican governors to ship immigrants to sanctuary cities also forced Democrats to put up or shut up.

For example, in staff for New York City, Mayor Eric Adams has called for President Joe Biden to close the southern border.

Ingrid Lewis-Martin, the chief advisor to New York City Mayor Eric Adams, has told illegal aliens to “go someplace else.”

New York Governor Kathy Hochul is asking for Biden to hit the pause button.

“It is too open right now,’’ Hochul told CBS’s “Face the Nation.”

“We want [Congress] to have a limit on who can come across the border,’’ she said. “People coming from all over the world are finding their way through, simply saying they need asylum, and the majority of them seem to be ending up in the streets of New York, and that is a real problem for New York City.”

Illinois Governor JB Pritzker has now sent a letter to Biden requesting a change in policy.

So now former President Bill Clinton is publicly supported Adams’ and Hochul.

He started by supporting the city’s effort – still in the courts – to change their rights to shelter laws.

“Gov. [Kathy] Hochul thinks it should be modified, and it probably should under the circumstances,” Clinton told host John Catsimatidis on 77 WABC radio.

“It’s broken. We need to fix it… It doesn’t make any sense,” Clinton said of the system.

“They come here, and we’re supposed to shelter people who can’t get work permits for six months. We need to change that,” he said.

“They ought to work. They need to begin working, paying taxes and paying their way. Most of these people have no interest in being on welfare,” Clinton added.

The former Democrat president then took a swipe at the far left.

“In the beginning I tried to help Mayor de Blasio. But he decided that he was .. more progressive than he thought I was — whatever that means,” Clinton said.

“The [US immigration] system is built to handle about 400,000 … We should build more housing just over the Rio Grande, and Mexico, I think, would support that,” he said. “Keep people there, and let them in as quickly as possible if they are going some place where we know they can get a job and they’ll be welcome.”

Clinton added that the issue has been “beneficial for the Republicans.”

The fact that they brought out Bill Clinton tells you that the internal polling must be terrible.