Big Apple Sent to Send ‘Mask’ Squads Out to Fine Bare-Faced New Yorkers


Seven months ago, as we exited February and began to have our doubt about COVID-19’s impact on the month of March, we were told one thing over and over again:  A two week lockdown will solve the problem.

Spoiler alert:  It didn’t.

Now we’re way too far down the coronavirus rabbit hole to simply try again, forcing cities and municipalities around the nation to take desperate action.  This includes in New York City where “mask patrols” are being sent out to disciple those who are in public while not wearing a mask.

In announcing a testing blitz to take place in emerging coronavirus hotspots in New York City, Mayor Bill de Blasio also warned that there is going to be an enforcement blitz.

Nine ZIP codes in the city are seeing a spike in new COVID-19 cases.

The mayor announced during a Tuesday morning briefing that there will be a lot more community outreach in those areas including hundreds of so-called Trace Corps members and hundreds of additional city agency workers in the neighborhoods.

Cuomo ready to send National Guard to NYC to pick up garbage

Patrols will start issuing fines to people who refuse to wear masks even after being offered a free mask and a warning that not wearing it will result in a fine.

“That will happen aggressively. Clearly, our goal, of course, is to give everyone a free face mask and get them to wear it,” de Blasio said.

The move will surely incite those Americans who have long refused to wear a mask, simply because the government tells them to do so.