Big Apple Declares EMERGENCY Over Migrant Influx


While there was certainly plenty of criticism to be had in the mainstream media surrounding the migrant relocation conducted by Governors Greg Abbott and Ron DeSantis, of Texas and Florida respectively, with each passing day the political point they were trying to make becomes clearer.

On the border, immigration has become a crisis.  The unfettered influx if migrants to America has put an undue strain on border states and cities, and the Biden administration has refused to provide the sort of necessary support that local officials have been clamoring for.

Now, as liberal cities continue to feel the brunt of these relocation efforts, they are beginning to feel just a fraction of what their southern compatriots have felt…and they don’t like it one bit.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams declared a state of emergency Friday in response to the continued arrival of illegal migrants from southern states.

More than 17,000 migrants have been bused to the city since the spring, a small fraction of the migrant encounters at the border over that timeframe. Fox News cameras at the Port Authority transportation terminal filmed eight buses arriving Friday, after nine arrived Thursday.

Adams said that one in five people in the city’s shelter system is a migrant, which is creating the “crisis.”

Adam attempted to shift the blame of the crisis away from Democratic policies.

“This is a humanitarian crisis that started with violence and instability in South America and is being accelerated by American political dynamics,” Adams said Friday. “Thousands of asylum seekers have been bused into New York City and simply dropped off, without notice, coordination, or care — and more are arriving every day.”

The declaration certainly feels like a default admission that the border crisis is real, doesn’t it?