Biden’s Private Remarks on Trump are Turning Heads in DC!

Despite his myriad claims during the 2020 election, Joe Biden has not exactly been a “president for all Americans”, and he certainly hasn’t been the sort of “healer” or “uniter” that he posed as during his campaign.

No, in fact, there appears to be a seriously bitter disdain within Biden’s very soul, particularly as it pertains to his predecessor Donald Trump. ┬áThis week, new reports regarding the current President’s disdain for The Don emerged, reiterating the concern.

President Joe Biden privately said that former President Donald Trump should be prosecuted over the January 6 insurrection at the US Capitol, The New York Times reported on Saturday.

In addition, the president described Trump as a “threat to democracy,” according to two individuals with knowledge of the conversation who spoke with the newspaper.

The Times said that their report was based on interviews with more than a dozen people, “including officials in the Biden administration and people with knowledge of the president’s thinking.” All requested anonymity to speak freely, the paper said.

What’s more…

Biden has reportedly grown frustrated with US Attorney General Merrick Garland, who is investigating the riot, according to people close to the president. The president has described Garland as a “ponderous judge” and said he wants to see him take more “decisive action” regarding the Capitol siege, according to The Times.

The news will almost surely create a great deal more doubt regarding the alleged impartiality of the January 6th select committee, who thus far appear to be solely focused on Trump and his inner circle exclusively, despite none of these targets having been at the Capitol during the attempted siege.