BIDEN: Trump to Blame for Border Crisis!

When it comes to the southern border, Americans are very keenly aware of how our two political parties differ.  In fact, there is a very cogent argument that this issue is perhaps the most well understood, at least from a bipartisan point of view.

And that’s because it was a major point of contention for the last four years, as former President Donald Trump struggled tirelessly against the Democratic machine in order to secure the southern border.  This was an enormous undertaking, with the left pushing back at every step.

Now, Joe Biden has the audacity to suggest that somehow Trump is to blame for the current crisis.

In an exclusive interview that aired Friday with “TODAY” show co-anchor Craig Melvin, Biden said his administration inherited “one god-awful mess at the border” from former President Donald Trump. He said it’s the result of “the failure to have a real transition — cooperation from the last administration, like every other administration has done.”

After the November election, Biden said that he had dispatched his transition team to meet with the officials leading the major departments across the government.

“The two departments that didn’t give us access to virtually anything were the immigration and the Defense Department,” said Biden, who added that his team didn’t know until he was sworn into office that Trump had fired many people from those departments and they were “understaffed considerably.”

Given what we already know about the priorities of the Trump administration, and how much effort the Democrats put into stymieing him, it seems as though Biden is just throwing words at the wall to see what sticks here.