Biden Tries To Hit DeSantis But Crashes & Burns – WATCH


On Saturday evening, the White House Correspondents Dinner took place, and Joe Biden took the stage to give the crowd what they all came for. Poor performance, terrible jokes, and a teleprompter that was seemingly bent on making him look like a fool. Biden delivered a joke about Florida governor Ron DeSantis, trying to make the point that Disney beat him to the punch. Unfortunately, the joke fell flat, and Biden was left stumbling over his words, seemingly lost in the moment.

This moment was indicative of the Biden administration‘s overall lack of coherence and focus. From the way Biden has been handling foreign policy to his lack of focus on domestic issues, it‘s clear that the Biden White House is floundering. To make matters worse, the national press continues to praise Biden‘s performance, laughing and clapping along to his bad jokes, seemingly oblivious to the fact that Biden is failing to deliver on his campaign promises and that his approval rating continues to drop.

The Republican perspective of the White House Correspondents Dinner is one of disappointment. Joe Biden‘s poor performance and lack of leadership, coupled with the national press‘s blind support for the administration, are a reminder that the country is in a state of disarray. Furthermore, the fact that Biden was unable to deliver a basic joke is indicative of the larger problems facing the Biden administration.

The Biden administration is not living up to its promises, and it is clear that the national press is not offering any meaningful criticism. 

Case and Point? You can see in the clip below how fragile Biden’s mind is when he suggests that Mickey Mouse for some reason beat the hell out of him.