Biden Team Is Trying To Keep A Big Fear Quiet


The Biden administration is facing a harsh reality as it prepares for Ukraines upcoming counteroffensive. While the administration has promised unwavering support for Ukraine, offering weapons and economic aid, they are privately worried that the counteroffensive will fall short of expectations.

According to Biden and his aides, Zelenskyy should only begin peace talks when he is ready. But Washington has also communicated to Kyiv some political realities: at some point, especially with Republicans in control of the House of Representatives, the pace of U.S. aid will likely slow. Officials in Washington have begun preparing for what those conversations could look like and understand it may be a tough political sell at home for Zelenskyy.

If Ukraine cant gain dramatically on the battlefield, the question inevitably arises as to whether it is time for a negotiated stop to the fighting, said Richard Haass, president of the Council on Foreign Relations.

Critics at home and abroad believe that the Biden administration has not done enough to arm Ukraine and that their shortcomings will prove that they cannot force out Russias presence in the region. This has caused allies in Europe to question how much longer they can offer support if Ukraine is unable to make progress.

The administration has been unable to meet the requests of Ukraine, who have asked for longerrange missiles, fighter jets, air defenses, and more military aid. However, the administration has pushed for Ukraine to adjust its goals, offering incentives such as NATOlike security guarantees and economic help from the European Union.

This could potentially lead to a situation where the Biden administration is forced to negotiate with Russia and accept a ceasefire, instead of forcing them out of the region. This would be a major blow to the United States, as it would be seen as a sign of weakness, as well as a betrayal of Ukraine.

The Biden administration is facing a difficult choice as they must decide whether to continue to support Ukraines counteroffensive or to negotiate with Russia. Either way, the decision will be heavily scrutinized, both at home and abroad.