Biden Slip Tells Us More Than He’d Like Us To Know – WATCH


Recently Biden was giving comments and made a mistake admitting “who he works for in the White House.”

We figured someone was pulling the strings.

As of late, Biden has been making some incredible gaffes that are flat-out embarrassing.

We previously reported about his hot mic incident.

While Biden was bragging about electric cars he had some issues.

The Biden administration claims that these rules could result in the electrification of 67% of new sedans, crossovers, SUVs, and light trucks; 50% of new vocational vehicles (such as buses and garbage trucks); 35% of new short-haul freight tractors; and 25% of new long-haul freight tractors by 2032. However, this is likely just an attempt to push a “clear pathway for a continued rise in EV sales.”

The power grids are already strained around the country, and this massive increase in electric vehicles would strain them even more. Plus, this would likely make gas vehicles more expensive when Biden has already cost Americans so much.

Biden’s latest gaffe has the Republican Party shaking their heads and wondering what the former Vice President is thinking. During his fourth virtual leader-level meeting of the Major Economies Forum on Energy and Climate, Biden was caught on a hot mic complaining about being “left standing out there waiting” in the hallway.

The gaffe was only the latest in a long line of issues that the Republican Party has had with Biden’s policies.

During the cermeony Biden wasn’t happy with his climate czar John Kerry after he got disoriented and didn’t know when to walk on camera.