Biden Shook, Another Dem Hints At Running & He Might Win


West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin is doing his best to make it look like he may be running for President in 2024. On Sunday he appeared on three different networks and made it clear that he was not happy with President Joe Biden. Manchin has repeatedly refused to endorse Biden and is blocking some of his nominees. He was asked if he was open to running and he didnt really answer. Manchin talked about amovement to bring back theextremes to the center and it seemed like he was implying that he might be the one to lead it.

When Manchin went on Fox, Shannon Bream cited a report from Ed Morrissey of Hot Air that Manchin had gotten rolled by the Biden administration on the Inflation Reduction Act. Manchin called the reportridiculous and said he expects Biden to stick by what he agreed to. But thats not likely to happen since Biden has been known to lie and change his mind.

Manchin also wrote a blistering oped this week blasting Biden. He said that unelected ideologues, bureaucrats, and appointees were determined to violate and subvert the law to advance a partisan agenda that ignores both energy and fiscal security. He also accused Democrats of trying to starve Americans out of energy by viewing the act as a vehicle to fight climate change rather than anenergy securing measure.

All of this raises the question, why did Manchin sign on to the Inflation Reduction Act in the first place? If he knew the Biden administration was going to use it for their own agenda, he should have known better. Its clear that Manchin is not happy with Biden and his refusal to endorse him, his blocking of nominees, and now his attack on the Inflation Reduction Act all point to Manchin running for President in 2024.