Biden Returns To US & Takes The Weekend Off To Rest Amid Reservist Call Up


What a way to end a trip.

President Biden was boarding Air Force One in Helsinki, after meeting with Nordic leaders and had some issues getting up the stairs.

As the President got about halfway up the stairs he stumbled but was able to recover before getting to the top when he turned to wave to those watching.

After the President’s time in Finland, it was announced that thousands of reservist troops will be called up and deployed to Europe.

“This reaffirms the unwavering support and commitment to the defense of NATO’s eastern flank in the wake of Russia’s illegal and unprovoked war on Ukraine,” Lt. Gen. Douglas Sims said.

According to a report from Politico, there could be a NATO 300,000 troop build-up in the next 30 days.

The U.S. rushed 20,000 more troops to Europe after Russia’s invasion, bringing the total to over 100,000 on the continent. That includes new rotations of 10,000 troops in Poland, which has emerged as a critical hub for supporting and supplying Ukraine.

The potential callups come on the heels of the NATO summit in Lithuania this week, where allies pledged to make 300,000 troops ready for rapid deployment within 30 days or less. It’s a tall order for the 31-member alliance whose individual members struggle with equipment and troop readiness after decades of skimping on military funding.

Quick side note…did you notice that phrase about NATO members “skimping on military funding.” Who’s old enough to remember former President Trump talking about that and the US media was claiming he was destroying alliances? 

The trip overseas was a gaffe fest but the President is heading to Camp David to rest after his busy trip.

in Lithuania, Joe got a little disoriented.

It was all downhill for the President later in the day.

What was he thinking about?