Biden Admin Has Dust Up With NYC


New York City is facing a mounting humanitarian crisis as thousands of migrants arrive in the city each month and the packed temporary housing units struggle to accommodate the influx. The situation is causing tension between the Biden administration and Mayor Eric Adams, with both sides pointing the finger of blame at one another for the city’s out-of-control migrant crisis.

At the center of the dispute is one simple fact: how to manage the 10,000 refugees that enter New York City each month. Those in the Department of Homeland Security have lambasted the Mayor’s office for having “no exit strategy” and for failing to come up with a feasible plan to move thousands of refugees out of overflowing temporary housing units. The federal administration argues that Adams is lacking an operational strategy to handle this influx.

Adams is whining about 10,000 refugees a month which is nothing compared to what southern border towns are facing.

In response, Mayor Adams has blasted the lack of federal support and pointed to Republicans busing refugees from other states to add to New York’s high numbers as proof that it is a national issue. His Deputy Mayor for Health & Human Services Anne Williams-Isom added that the crisis is impacting ‘every part of the city’ with a currently overwhelming 112,800 migrants housed across the city’s 218 temporary accommodation sites.

The Biden administration did send Mayor Adams a $100 million check, but this is just a fraction of the city’s estimated $12 billion projected cost by 2025. Other efforts from the Mayor have met with criticism from the locals, with one homeowner blasting migrants housed in the former St John Villa Academy next door to his house.

It appears that Mayor Adams has reached the end of his rope – he has admitted the crisis is threatening to “destroy” the Big Apple. Liberals created sanctuary cities and right-to-housing laws and look at where those policies got them.