Biden Just Got A Big Gift


A Joint Fundraising committee that the Biden campaign has authorized recently received a huge donation from a tech billionaire.

LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman recently donated a whopping $699,600 on April 26, 2023, to the Biden Victory Fund according to FEC records.

The donation was made about one week before it was learned that Hoffman was a visitor on Epstein’s private Caribbean island in 2014.

More from Fox News:

Hoffman and Epstein were planning to return to the island in November 2014, and then travel to Boston, the report said. It’s unclear what the intent was for those planned trips, but the report also revealed Hoffman was planning to stay at Epstein’s luxury Manhattan townhouse in December 2014 after a late arrival in New York City.

Hoffman made headlines last month after Biden attended a fundraiser he hosted on behalf of the super PAC at the private residence of Shannon Hunt-Scott and Kevin Scott in Los Gatos, California.

Hoffman told The Journal in May it “gnaws at” him that his association with Epstein “helped his reputation, and thus delayed justice for his survivors.”

“My last interaction with Epstein was in 2015. Still, by agreeing to participate in any fundraising activity where Epstein was present, I helped to repair his reputation and perpetuate injustice,” Hoffman said in 2019. “For this, I am deeply regretful.”

The 2015 interaction was when he invited Epstein to a Silicon Valley dinner with tech industry leaders.

Recent reports have shown that Biden is relying on the uber-rich to fund his campaign and that middle-class donations are slow.

Meanwhile, it’s getting hard for the media to spin things in Biden direction.

Even MSNBC is having a hard time.