Biden Has UGLY Statement for Georgians After New Voting Law

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp hasn’t been making too many new friends of late, after a recent bit of voter reform legislation was signed into law by the Peach State politician.

Kemp’s latest legislative move has been decried by many on the left side of the aisle as being “restrictive” and possibly even motivated by societal racism, as they feel that the law disproportionately targets minority communities.

On the right, they’ve been defending the law by suggesting that the lackadaisical situation that Georgia had previously endured was the exception and not the rule.

Now, as the Peach State continues to battle boycott after boycott on account of the new law, President Joe Biden is piling on.

“It is reassuring to see that for-profit operations and businesses are speaking up about how these new Jim Crow laws that are just antithetical to who we are,” the president tools reporters Tuesday.

“There’s another side to it too. When they in fact move out of Georgia, people who need help most, people who are making hourly wages, sometimes get hurt the most,” Biden said.

Oh, and there’s more…

He said he supports however businesses decide to protest the law. “I think it’s a very tough decision for a corporation to make or group to make, I respect them when they make that judgment, I support whatever judgment they make. The best way to deal with this is for Georgia and other states to smarten up. Stop it, stop it,” he said.

Governor Kemp has been wholly indignant when it comes to criticisms of the bill, having compared his voter ID requirements to that of a great many states around the nation, and finding nowhere in which the disparities clash.