Biden Gives Interview Responding To War In Israel


Recently, President Biden sat down with the staff at 60 Minutes to give an interview as war has broken out in Israel.

The interview took place after a violent Hamas attack where Americans have been killed and taken hostage.

Scott Pelley asked if the United States would get involved in the war. Biden said that he doesn’t think that US boots on the ground is necessary adding: “Israel has one of the finest fighting forces in the country.”

Later Pelley asked the President what his message to “Hezbollah and its backer Iran.” The President jumbled his words so badly that Pelley had to finish the sentence for him.

In what was supposed to be a moment of strength a reporter had to finish Joe’s sentence.

Biden also said that there isn’t any evidence showing that Iran was involved in the Hamas attack on Israel.

What was interesting was that Pelley noted that “America’s oldest president seemed tired from directing all of this.”

Biden told Pelley that he wants to run again because he thinks he can achieve world peace.