Biden Gets WRECKED on Twitter with Embarrassing Hashtag


US President Joe Biden certainly isn’t having the most fruitful first year in office, and this week was no different.

Biden, who appeared to many to be uninterested in the job of President while running for office, has channeled that same lackadaisical energy into his performance in the role.  This has led to an incredible drop in approval rating, and an historically low level of confidence among the electorate.

The issue is likely to foment as well, as many Americans can’t seem to find much to celebrate in regard to the administration…let alone the supply chain issues that may see them go hungry in the near future.

The hashtag #BareShelvesBiden has been making the rounds on Twitter as shoppers use the slogan when posting pictures of empty and sparse grocery store shelves to the social media site.

Images of barren shelves were shared by Americans far and wide, including media members, politicians, and other shoppers as they feel the effects of supply chain issues and labor shortages under the Biden administration.

On Twitter, the President was being torn to shreds.

And to think that this is but a year into Biden’s first term.