Biden Exploits Uvalde Massacre to Reframe 2022 Midterms


Political experts around the nation have long insisted that the Democratic Party has just about no shot at keeping their congressional majority come the fall, and the desperation has now turned palpable.

They say a “red wave” is coming, and that the 2024 election could bring a Republican President back into the fold, which could provide the GOP with enough breathing room to implement vast agenda options – something that Joe Biden has been unable to accomplish thus far in his presidency.

So, instead of going into this all-important contest riding high on the Democratic agenda, Biden is looking to scare you with guns.

President Joe Biden said Saturday that gun safety “has to become an election issue,” while praising Americans who are rallying for reform in Washington, D.C. in the wake of multiple mass shootings across the country.

His remarks come after recent shootings in New York, California, Texas, and Oklahoma, among others, have left dozens of adults and children dead in the past several weeks. The frequency of gun violence in the country has reignited a national debate about gun control and safety, with Biden calling upon Congress to pass urgent reform measures.

His comments were fairly transparent.

“Keep marching. It’s important. Look, this has to become an election issue. The way people say ‘this isn’t going to affect my vote,’…too many people are dying, needlessly,” the president said in response to the rally, according to CNN. “What’s being proposed in the House and Senate is marginal. It’s important, but it’s not all that needs to be done… the answer is march.”

This exploitation of emotion and tragedy has become a hallmark of the Democratic Party, and a shameful one at that.