Biden Discusses Situation In Red Sea


Recently, White House reporters caught up with Joe Biden as he was leaving for North Carolina to campaign and sell Americans on his economic policies. As usual, reporters never know what to expect when asking Biden questions, as his responses are often nonsensical and far from the truth.

This time, he not only made a confusing statement but also inadvertently revealed a major flaw in his administration’s handling of foreign policy. When asked about the effectiveness of airstrikes against the Houthis in Iran, Biden acknowledged that they were not working to stop them.

This admission raises serious concerns about the administration’s approach to dealing with the situation. Despite knowing that their current tactics are not yielding results, Biden stated that they would continue, displaying a concerning lack of strategy or plan.

But this wasn’t the only issue that reporters wanted to address with Biden. They also asked about his stance on the Israeli-Hamas conflict and how it could impact the Arab-American vote. Rather than addressing the concerns head on, Biden deflected and falsely claimed that former President Trump wanted to ban Arabs from entering the country. This tactic doesn’t address the real problem at hand – that many American voters are unhappy with Biden’s handling of the situation in the Middle East.

When questioned about a strike on Iran by the Pakistanis, Biden appeared visibly confused and unprepared. This may be a sign that he has not been properly briefed by his handlers on the matter. Furthermore, his response that Iran is “not well liked in the region” is a gross understatement and shows a lack of understanding of the complex dynamics in the Middle East.

One of the most pressing issues that remains unresolved is the disappearance of SEALs. Despite being missing for a week, the administration has given a lackluster response, leaving many Americans questioning their competence and loyalty to our military members.

The overall picture painted by Biden’s comments is one of confusion, lack of strategy, and disregard for the real threats that we face. His flippant attitude toward serious issues such as the Iranian conflict and the missing SEALs only further erodes the trust that Americans have in their government.