Biden Denies Trump’s Privilege Request Regarding White House Visitor Logs


Joe Biden rose to power on the premise that he could and would be a “great uniter”.  He told us that he would be a “President for all Americans”, and not just those who voted for him.  He insisted that he was not going to be out for revenge, and that he was not going to be playing partisan games.

It certainly didn’t take long for these claims to be forgotten.

President Joe Biden has rejected Donald Trump’s effort to assert executive privilege over White House visitor logs from Jan. 6, 2021, ordering the National Archives to deliver the documents to congressional investigators in two weeks.

“As a matter of policy, and subject to limited exceptions, the Biden Administration voluntarily discloses such visitor logs on a monthly basis. The Obama Administration followed the same practice,” White House Counsel Dana Remus said in a letter to National Archivist David Ferriero dated Feb. 15.

“The majority of the entries over which the former President has asserted executive privilege would be publicly released under current policy,” Remus wrote. “As practice under that policy demonstrates, preserving the confidentiality of this type of record generally is not necessary to protect long-term institutional interests of the Executive Branch.”

Biden has made this sort of spiteful denial a habit of late.

Biden has already rejected a string of executive privilege claims over other Trump White House materials, like briefing memos, speech drafts and call records stretching from April 2020 to Jan. 20, 2021. Trump previously sued to prevent the Archives from disclosing the documents to Congress, but he lost a series of court battles, including before the Supreme Court, that resulted in hundreds of pages being delivered to the select committee.

For a President who repeatedly claimed that his time in office would be one for healing, Joe Biden has shown the nation just how vindictive he truly is.