Bernie Faced with His Own Hypocrisy – Watch


Independent Senator Bernie Sanders from Vermont has made a name for himself as a strong opponent of capitalism. Ironically, he is on the road talking about his latest book at a series of in-person events. The book is certainly not free, and neither are the events, to say the least. 

The progressive senator had some backlash on CBS’ “Face the Nation” program on Sunday. They focused on the dissonance between Bernie’s angst with capitalism and his book tour’s use of Ticketmaster to sell the ticket. Some of the tickets are going for $95 per ticket according to host Margaret Brennan. 

So to be clear, Bernie Sanders is promoting his book, “It’s OK to Be Angry About Capitalism,” and he is benefitting from the very capitalism that he’s angry about. 

Maybe Sanders needs to buy another vacation home to add to his list of properties. 

The senator claims that these kinds of business decisions are made “totally” by his publisher. But again, this is capitalism at work. 

Brennan from CBS went toe to toe with Bernie asking, “Tickets for your [book] tour apparently are selling for $95 on Ticketmaster, which is accused of anti-competitive behavior…aren’t you benefitting yourself from the system that you’re trying to dismantle?”

Bernie Sanders simply answered “no.”

If you look at his book tour schedule, you will find upcoming events with tickets from Ticketmaster that range from $45 and $95 each. Some are closer to $115 with fees levied by Ticketmaster. 

How angry with capitalism can he really be? Couldn’t he figure out a way to go around a company like Ticketmaster that keeps a monopoly on ticket sales in America for the benefit of his audience?

Sanders certainly wasn’t forced to use a publisher who is so committed to making money through Ticketmaster. Self-publishing is a real alternative today. 

Are we just supposed to keep quiet and do what Sanders says instead of what he does?