CALIFORNIA Masks Now Required for Students without FLU Vaccines


Liberals love to tell conservatives that they are overreacting.  They like to think that the right side of the aisle is an alarmist mob, or that they are simply paranoid conspiracy theorists that believe the whole world is out to get them.

Like when the pandemic began and we began seeing mask mandates all around this free nation of ours.  Conservatives were hesitant to comply, believing that this was a slippery slope to allowing the establishment around them to perpetually dictate how we dress in public.  The liberals pushed back, again suggesting that the right wing was overreacting.

Well, don’t look now:

The University of California, Berkeley has introduced a mask mandate for students who have not taken a seasonal flu shot.

‘Masks are required during flu season if not vaccinated for flu,’ an announcement on the school’s website read.

The guidelines also strongly recommends that all people on UC Berkeley campuses wear masks indoors regardless of their Covid-19 vaccination status.

The criticism came swift and hard.

Lawyer and California candidate for U.S. Senate, Mark Meuser, said: ‘UC Berkeley is going to force unvaccinated students to mask during flu season, despite the CDC saying that unvaccinated should now be treated the same as vaccinated.

‘Someone should tell UC Berkeley that they should follow the science,’ he quipped sarcastically.

‘2019 norms gone forever at Berkeley, as university makes masking compulsory in flu seasons,’ another user tweeted.

Other users were in utter disbelief at the decision.

‘I saw some images of it and doubted it, oh no, it’s real… Never mind a 100-year old consensus masks don’t help for the flu,’ one said.

Another chipped in: ‘Worth asking how we got to this point, where two weeks to crush the curve have become a permanent crusade against seasonal respiratory infections in general.’

So, as the left worries incessantly about a seasonal affliction that’s been around for centuries, we’re left wondering just who is paranoid after all?