Beer Makers Brew Up Something Big for Out-of-Work Bartenders and Servers

COVID-19 has been life-altering for much of the United States, and in ways that could last for months after the risk posed by the disease has passed.

You see, in order to beat this deadly and highly contagious strain of coronavirus, we have to practice social distancing. ¬†Unfortunately, a great deal of our economy relies on businesses where social distancing isn’t possible or profitable.

Bars and restaurants are the perfect example of this.  Not only are these business not open, and these customers not paying sales tax, but a great many of these workers are now filing for unemployment while these companies cling to their business via delivery and curbside pickup options with a minimal staff.

The sheer enormity of the restaurant industry makes this a terrifying economy reality, especially for our servers and bartenders who often live paycheck to paycheck.

Now, one of the nation’s most prominent brewers is stepping up in a big way to keep these often overlooked Americans from becoming destitute.

Across the US, millions of restaurant employees who worked to bring food to our tables are now struggling to keep food on their own as coronavirus shutdowns have put them out of work.

But in 20 states, restaurant workers will be able to receive some relief thanks to Samuel Adams.

Partnering with The Greg Hill Foundation, Samuel Adams has launched the Restaurant Strong Fund, which offers $1,000 to restaurant workers in 20 states, including California, Georgia, Illinois, New York, Texas and Vermont.

The Beantown brewers got things started by donating beaucoup bucks themselves.

Samuel Adams has donated over $2 million to kick-start the fund. As of Sunday afternoon, the fund has raised nearly $2.7 million, according to the website.

To qualify for the grant, an individual must have worked at a restaurant, bar, cafe or nightclub located in one of the 20 states, been a full-time employee, and employed for three months or longer at the same location.

There’s nothing left to say but “cheers”!