Barack Obama Takes UGLY Shot at Joe Biden Regarding…

The bromance appears to be officially over.

Toward the end of Barack Obama’s second term as President, the mainstream media, (with the help of a few memesters), began to cultivate the impression that Obama and then Vice President Joe Biden were truly best buds.  There were hilarious anecdotes and photographs floating around, as if they knew someday they’d need to tie Biden to the Democrats’ current messiah.

But now, as Joe Biden’s presidency has brought with it the undeniable and unforgivable reality of open borders, his former buddy isn’t so thrilled. 

Former President Barack Obama said Tuesday that open border policies on the Southern border were “unsustainable” for the United States.

“We have borders,” Obama said in an interview with ABC News host Robin Roberts. “The idea that we can just have open borders is something that … as a practical matter, is unsustainable.”

The president acknowledged that President Joe Biden was still dealing with migrant emergencies on the Southern border, calling it a “painful reminder” that America had not fixed the broken immigration system.

The news comes during a massive slide in Biden’s approval numbers, and a general feeling among many that the 46th President is essentially asleep at the wheel.