Barack Obama Jokes About Having Navy SEALS ‘Dig’ Trump Out of The White House

With his legal challenges to the election still in limbo, there’s a very good chance that President Donald Trump will be forced out of the White House before a final adjudication of the electoral results is gathered by his team of lawyers.  This is due to the Constitution’s hard deadline on inauguration, which, being that it’s the Constitution, supersedes all other legal text.

Giuliani and Sidney Powell need to hurry if they’re going to keep Trump in office.

But what if Trump does stay, simply refusing to vacate the people’s house after the inauguration?

Former President Barack Obama has an idea.

Former President Barack Obama told ABC’s left-wing late night host Jimmy Kimmel that “we can always send the Navy SEALs” to physically remove President Donald Trump from the White House.

Obama made the remark during an appearance Thursday on Jimmy Kimmel Live! to promote his new memoir A Promised Land. When asked by Kimmel if the White House has any secret spots where “someone could hide” if they don’t want to leave, Obama replied: “Well, I think we can always send the Navy SEALS in there to dig him out.”

Watch below:


Kimmel also asked if it will be weird to call Joe Biden “Mr. President.” “No,” Obama replied, “I’ve already called him Mr. President Elect.”

Although the situation has never occurred before in our history, constitutional scholars and military leaders seem to be under the impression that the responsibility falls to the Secret Service.