Authorities Prepare for Another Capitol Attack, This Time On…

The scene that played out on January 6th will not be forgotten very easily, as we witnessed throngs of red-hatted Trump supporters storm the US Capitol, overwhelming a woefully unprepared cadre of Capitol Police in the process.

The negligence was so brazen that several high ranking members of the security team in charge of the Capitol have already been relieved of their duties, with more sure to come.

The process of rebuilding the team will need to be an expedient one, however, as online chatter has suggested that another attack on the Capitol may be imminent. 

Police and the FBI are searching airports and hotels across the city for the rioters who ransacked the Capitol. More than 50 people have already been charged with crimes related to the violence.

On social media, there has been chatter about making the next target the inauguration. A white supremacist Telegram channel posted a reminder that Inauguration Day is January 20: “That is the next date on the calendar that the Pro-Trump and other nationalist crowds will potentially converge on the Capitol again.”

D.C. police on Thursday released photos of some of the rioters they are seeking to charge with the violence at the Capitol, which included breaking windows, destroying congressional offices and fighting police inside and outside the building. They had, what appeared to be, free rein of the Capitol — even Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office, where one protester left a message that said, “We will not back down.”

To avoid a repeat of the chaos and destruction, Army Secretary Ryan D. McCarthy said the Capitol will be fortified by fencing. There are now thousands of National Guard troops deploying into D.C. to help secure the city.

Law enforcement authorities in DC are taking an enormous amount of criticism in the wake of the attack, with many characterizing their inability to secure the Capitol as negligent…or worse.