ATL on Edge as CREEPY New Details Emerge in Piedmont Park Homicide

Social media users in Atlanta, Georgia have been inundated over the weekend with information, true and false, regarding the gruesome murder of a women and her dog in Piedmont Park just days ago.

The crime caught the attention of the city for its sheer brazenness, occurring in one of the busier parts of the city, albeit after 1am in the morning.

Furthermore, the fact that the victim’s dog was also killed seems to indicate more than a little derangement on behalf of the suspect.

Now, as new details emerge in the grisly incident, Atlantans are beginning to wonder whether or not they have more than a random homicide on their hands.

Katie Janness and her dog were stabbed to death early Wednesday morning in what police described as a “gruesome” scene.

Her wife said Janness went to walk Bowie after dinner and never returned.

It’s unclear how the FBI is assisting in the case, Atlanta Police are still trying to determine what happened.

Here is where it gets spooky.

Channel 2′s Michael Seiden learned there was a marking on the Janness’ body when she was found.

Investigators said this is a very unusual and unique case that Atlanta has never experienced before.

Several other strange rumors were popping up on social media over the weekend as well, none of which have been corroborated by police on or off the record.