As Biden-Flation Soars, DeSantis Takes Matter into His Own Hands


There is no denying that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has been raising his national profile in recent months, and many believe it’s because the Sunshine State lawmaker is considering a shot at the White House come 2024.

DeSantis himself hasn’t said much on the subject, and has largely played coy when the subject has arisen, but his recent trip to Utah to secure political mega-donors tells us all that we really need to know.

The Florida Governor has also seemingly made it his mission to directly combat every issue caused or continued by the Biden administration, painting a sharp contrast between himself and the man that he may very well face in ’24.

His latest rebuke of the White House’s incompetence seeks to provide some relief for Floridians suffering under the continued woes of Biden-flation.

Seven weeks before he squares off against Democrat Charlie Crist in November’s election, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis boasted of a series of tax breaks he is proposing to help families while knocking inflation he blamed on Crist’s party.

The governor noted that the state granted $1.2 billion in tax relief for the current year with measures like a tax holiday on baby-related purchases like diapers and wipes. The plan is to continue this and do more in the coming year.

“What we’re going to do next year is we’re going to make that permanent, so that baby items, cribs, strollers, no tax on that,” DeSantis said at an Education Freedom event in Boca Raton, Florida.

And there was more where that came from.

“We’re going to do no tax on school books, kids’ books. We’re going to do no tax on athletic equipment for kids. We’re going to do no tax on toys for 12 and under, We want families to do well,” DeSantis said to raucous applause.

DeSantis also added that he wants there to be no tax on pet food.

DeSantis has polled rather favorably with Republicans in regard to a potential 2024 campaign, and if Donald Trump continues to find himself targeted by the federal government, the GOP may find his fellow Floridian to be a suitable replacement come election time.