As Biden Continues to Deny Crisis, Border State Declares ‘Emergency’

US President Joe Biden is dealing with quite the humanitarian crisis at the southern border, but it doesn’t appear as though the scope of the issue has been registering over on Pennsylvania Avenue.

In fact, and in spite of growing evidence of trouble at the border, Biden has suggested that this is just a “seasonal” surge, and nothing to worry about.  This comes, however, amid news that Vice President Kamala Harris would be overseeing the border issue…a rather forked response on its face.

Now, despite what the Biden administration keeps attempting to tell us, one border governor is declaring a state of emergency to deal with the surge.

Arizona has become the first border state to declare an emergency amid a surge in arrests of people crossing the border illegally. Gov, Doug Ducey declared a state of emergency in six counties in southwest Arizona Wednesday, saying the Border Patrol is “overwhelmed” and local law enforcement agencies are “crying out for help,” the Arizona Republic reports. Ducey is sending 250 National Guard troops to support law enforcement at the border with Mexico. His office says the troops will help with medical operations in detention centers and will install and maintain a state-operated camera system on the border, per the Hill.

And Ducey took a shot at the Biden administration in the process as well.

“The numbers don’t lie, this drastic surge is a direct result of the bad policy, coming out of Washington, DC,” he said Wednesday.

VP Harris has yet to visit the border despite being assigned to the task of dealing with the crisis.