ICYMI: As Americans Suffer, Taxpayers Provide Peloton Perks to Congress


Around the nation, financial trouble is brewing.

The stock markets are down.  Crypto is crashing.  Gas prices have hit record highs and inflation is now worse than it has been in 40 years… all while the Biden administration seemingly sits on their hands.

Now, in what amount to a serious insult to injury situation, it appears as though the American taxpayer is helping to provide our public servants with free Peloton memberships.

The House of Representatives is planning to announce they will give staffers in Washington, D.C., and in district offices, free Peloton memberships using taxpayer dollars each month amid skyrocketing inflation.

According to a draft email obtained by FOX Business from the office of the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO), the “premier employee benefit,” which will also be made available to all Capitol Police, will provide staffers with both Peloton All-Access and a Peloton App membership at no monthly cost.

The numbers were insulting.

A source familiar with the matter told FOX Business that the contract cost is a $10,000 upfront payment to Peloton, plus an extra $10 per month charge for each staffer or officer that utilizes the benefit. If 12,000 staffers took advantage of the benefit, it would cost taxpayers $120,000 a month.

For other Americans, a Peloton All-Access Membership costs $39 per month and a Peloton App Membership costs $12.99 per month.

The news will almost certainly create a spike in resentment for our already unpopular federal government, who’ve yet to convince Americans that they’ve been getting anything at all done on Capitol Hill in recent months.