Fetterman Faces Stern Criticism


Pennsylvania Senator John Fetterman is currently under scrutiny in his home state due to his position on the Israel-Hamas War, with both support and criticism emerging from the public and media outlets.

Fetterman, a Democratic senator representing the swing state of Pennsylvania, has consistently expressed his support for Israel since the beginning of the conflict, which escalated on October 7. The conflict has resulted in significant casualties, with over 1,200 people killed in Israel and more than 11,000 Palestinians killed, along with numerous injuries and displacements.

In a statement released two days after the initial attack, Fetterman stated his unequivocal support for providing military, intelligence, and humanitarian aid to Israel, citing a moral obligation to stand by the U.S. ally in the face of the threat posed by Hamas.

A photo of Fetterman draped in an Israeli flag during a Washington march in support of Israel gained attention on social media.

However, an op-ed published in Penn Live, authored by Mireille Rebeiz, Chair of Middle East Studies and Associate Professor at Dickinson College, criticized Fetterman’s position. Rebeiz argued that as an elected official, Fetterman’s support for Israel, a foreign government, was “disturbing.” She also highlighted ongoing protests in Israel against their government’s human rights abuses and questioned Fetterman’s alignment with these practices.


Rebeiz pointed out that Democratic Representative Rashida Tlaib faced criticism and censorship for her support of Palestine, raising concerns about a double standard in the treatment of lawmakers with differing views on the Israel-Hamas conflict.

The op-ed expressed disappointment in Fetterman’s stance, with Rebeiz stating, “I am ashamed I ever voted for you, Sir. You are unworthy of my trust.”

Fetterman has faced additional criticism, including being booed by veterans protesting for a ceasefire outside the U.S. Capitol and facing social media backlash for opposing a ceasefire during the conflict.

The Pennsylvania Senator also trolled a far-left protestor when they were being arrested.

Nevertheless, he has also garnered support for his position, particularly from those who view it as in line with the broader Democratic Party and as a stance against anti-Semitism.

As we reported in a previous report, the Democrats are having all kinds of internal strife.