Attorney In Georgia Trump Case Admits Leak


Well, this is interesting.

A lawyer representing a fired county election employee who is a co-defendant of former President Trump has just made a very shocking admission.

On November 13, 2023, ABC News published some shocking video of Sidney Powell and Jenna Ellis who both took plea deals in the Georgia case. Part of their plea deals involved cooperating with prosecutors in the case.

When the videos were released, ABC News was pretty tight-lipped about where they got them, and Atlanta prosecutors seemed to be legitimately scrambling trying to find out who leaked the video.

It turns out that it was Jonathan R. Miller III, who is representing the fired election worker, one of Trump’s co-defendants who leaked the videos.

“With all candor,” Miller told the judge, “I did release those videos to one outlet.”

Miller defended his actions in court, claiming that he is protecting his client.

“Judge, all four of those people who did their proffers. They stood in front of you. They did their plea. It was all recorded… to hide those proffers that show all the underlying things that went into those pleas misleads the public about what’s going on,” Miller said.

“And I don’t believe either one of those hurt my client. They helped my client. The public needs to know that,” Miller added.

Miller argued before the judge that leaking the videos countered the way his client was being vilified in the press.

It was Miller’s client, Misty Hampton, who allowed some of the electors picked by the Trump admin to view election data in Coffee County.

It seems The Georgia case is turning into every co-defendant for themselves, which was probably the prosecutor’s hope all along.