White House Christmas Tree Faces Second Catastrophe


The National Christmas Tree near the White House has suffered a second catastrophe.

We previously reported the original tree got sick and had to be removed.

According to the National Park Service, it was infected with needle cast, which is a fungal disease that causes needles on evergreen trees like spruce and pines to turn brown and fall off.

So a 40-foot-tall, National Christmas Tree, a majestic Norway spruce from the Monongahela National Forest in West Virginia, was rushed in to replace it.

However, just like the resilience that embodies the holiday spirit, the iconic tree was quickly back on its feet, ready to shine brightly for the upcoming lighting ceremony.

Well, the wizards of smart that planted the new tree in October didn’t take into account the Fall winds and a gust caused the tree to topple over.

The National Park Service, responsible for the care and maintenance of the tree, immediately sprang into action. it appears that one of the cables that supported the replacement tree snapped. Jasmine Shanti, a park service spokesperson, assured everyone, “After assessing the tree’s condition and replacing a snapped cable, the tree is now upright.”

In a statement, the National Park Service invoked the famous showbiz adage, “the show must go on.” They reassured the public that they were exploring all possibilities to make the event a resounding success.

The Biden administration can’t even handle taking care of a Christmas tree.