Media Matters Faces Lawsuit After Dust Up With Musk


Recently, the far-left-wing group called Media Matters, a claimed social media watchdog, was able to get companies like Apple, IBM, and Disney to pull their ads from Twitter.

The group claimed Musk was allowing ads to show up next to very extreme content. It was a clear attack on Musk who now owns Twitter. After the advertisers pulled their ads, Musk announced he would file a lawsuit against Media Matters stating that the group intentionally misled people about X to pressure advertisers to pull support from the platform.

Elon went through with the lawsuit and he has the data to show what the group did and now Media Matters has a whole new problem on their hands.

Media Matters created fake accounts, which it used to follow sketchy accounts, then followed brand accounts, and then kept refreshing their screens until they got served an ad from one of the brands they followed. What the group did is a definition of inauthentic behavior and they should be banned.

Additionally, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is investigated:

Additionally Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey who unmasked the collusion between Biden and social media companies in 2021 has also reported he is imitating a probe.

Media Matters attempted a similar campaign against podcaster Joe Rogan in 2021 and tried to get Spotify to dump him. It didn’t work.