Arrest Warrant Issued for Donald Trump by Foreign Leaders

In the pantheon of diplomatic stunts, this week’s latest hyperbolic hissy fit will certainly go down in history as one of the most petty.

Iran, still furious with Donald Trump over his cancelation of what many perceived to be a lopsided “nuclear deal” between the two nations, has no asked Interpol to arrest the US President and nearly three dozen people within his inner circle.

Iran said Monday it has called for Interpol to help arrest President Donald Trump and 35 other US officials for the January killing of its top general in an American drone strike.

Tehran prosecutor Ali Qasi Mehr, quoted by state news agency IRNA, said 36 US political and military officials “involved in the assassination” of General Qasem Soleimani “have been investigated and were ordered to be arrested through Interpol”.

“These people have been charged with murder and terrorist acts,” he said.

“At the top of the list is US President Donald Trump, and his prosecution will continue even after the end of his term,” said the prosecutor, referring to his bid for re-election in November.

Qasi Mehr, quoted on the judiciary’s Mizan Online official website, said “the Iranian judiciary has issued arrest warrants against the 36”.

Interpol declined to participate however, stating that such an action would run contrary to their own constitution.

Some within the Trump administration have called the event a “propaganda stunt”, and it’s easy to see why.