AOC FREAKS After Being Duped – WATCH


Rep. Alexandria OcasioCortez, DN.Y., was caught redhanded on Thursday trying to dodge accusations of lying. She was caught by a conservative social media creator.

TikTok creator Chaya Raichik had just filed an ethics complaint at the congresswoman’s office, claiming that the “Squad” member had defamed her during a Feb. 8 House Oversight and Accountability Committee hearing.

Raichik found Ocasio-Cortez walking through the Capitol after an unsuccessful attempt at finding AOC at her office last week. Their meet up was not what either was hoping for. 

“I just delivered an ethics complaint to your office because you lied about me in a committee hearing,” Raichik said.

As she confronted her about the false accusation, Ocasio-Cortez immediately backed away and said, “I actually didn’t, because you’re actually super transphobic and I never want to share a space with you. Thank you!” before storming off.

The Democrat had accused Raichik of lying in a 2022 Tweet when she said Boston Children’s Hospital was “now offering ‘gender-affirming hysterectomies’ for young girls.” Raichik had shared videos from the children’s hospital where doctors said they offered “gender-affirming hysterectomies.”

The Heritage Foundation asked the Office of Congressional Ethics this week to open an investigation into the Democrat on Raichik’s behalf for “falsely accusing” and “defaming” the creator of the Libs of TikTok Twitter account. The nine-page complaint defends Raichik’s view that Boston Children’s Hospital performs gender-affirming hysterectomies on young girls.

The incident is another example of the hypocrisy of the far left, with Ocasio-Cortez having previously called for transparency and truth in politics, yet being unwilling to face the truth when it is presented to her. Yet another example of the left’s desire to control the narrative and push their own agenda, even if it means silencing those who disagree with them.