Anti-MAGA Violence Comes to Florida with Dastardly Vehicle Attack

Our nation has been bereft with political violence as of late, and that in and of itself is a shameful dose of reality.

We are at one another’s throats here in the United States with a ferociousness not seen since the War Between the States.  Instead of slavery and states’ rights, we are today battling over the direction in which the nation should turn; to the right or to the left?

Those who wish to err on the side of conservatism have found themselves repeatedly attacked and harassed by those who prefer the liberal ethos of progressivism, and a number of the incidents between the two factions have been downright dastardly.

In Florida this week, the animosity came to a head, and we are thankful that no one was killed in the fracas.

On Saturday afternoon, police responded to the Walmart at 11900 Atlantic Blvd. in Kernan Village after witnesses called 911.

The story is terrifying.

Witnesses told JSO that a man in his 20s driving an older brown Chevy van pulled up to the tent before driving through, running over their tables and chairs. Volunteers for the Republican Party were registering people to vote.

After running over chairs and tables, witnesses told police that Timm got out of the van, took a video recording, made obscene gestures and left. No volunteers were hurt, according to JSO.

In a stunning bit of irony, it was determined that Timm, despite his perceived political activism, was not registered to vote in Florida.