American Medical Association Issues Stern Warning on Ivermectin

When we are confronted with impossibly trying times, we, as human beings, tend to look to impossible solutions, as if the level of kookiness or spookiness must be equal in both the problem and the solution.

Such has remained the case throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, with wilder and wackier “cures” being touted every time that the news takes a turn for the worse.

The latest home-remedy includes the use of ivermectin, a drug used largely in the veterinary field to deworm horses.

The American Medical Association is not amused by this latest trend, however, and is issuing a stern statement in opposition to its use.

“We are alarmed by reports that outpatient prescribing for and dispensing of ivermectin have increased 24-fold since before the pandemic and increased exponentially over the past few months,” the AMA said in a statement in conjunction with the American Pharmacists Association and the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists. The groups want doctors to stop prescribing ivermectin, pharmacists to stop filling prescriptions, and for people in both professions to work on educating the public. Amazon, meanwhile, says it will tweak autocomplete responses about the drug. If someone searches “ivermectin for COVID,” for example, they will get no results and instead be referred to the FDA website, per USA Today.

The statement comes just days after popular podcast host and standup comedian Joe Rogan admitted to using ivermectin after being diagnosed with COVID-19.

The FDA has also attempted to discourage the use of ivermectin, issuing a snarky tweet about it just days ago.