American Economy Now Taking Aim at Date Night Staple


It doesn’t take much to realize what sort of monetary pain the American people are in these days.  It’s written on the faces of the folks in line at the bank, the grocery store, and the gas pump.

Biden-flation, (a nickname given to the dire dollar-centric straits that we’re experiencing), has hit us hard, and some fairly sensitive spots.  This includes a massive markup on items that we normally enjoy while recognizing Memorial Day, and $8 per gallon gas in California.

Now, even our “cheap” Friday night date night could be affected.

While the big movies are back in theaters—Insider flags the coming Jurassic World: Dominion in particular—some other things are in short supply: among them, popcorn. So reports the Wall Street Journal, which talks to the head of Preferred Popcorn, which sources kernels from about 150 farmers. Norm Krug tells the Journal that he’s been forced to pay those farmers more to keep farming popcorn, as crops like soybeans become more lucrative for them (and don’t involve the use of the same costly fertilizers, which are just getting pricier due to the war in Ukraine).

Even with that higher pay, he fears the output won’t match that of previous years.

And that’s not all, either.

But that’s just one issue: Another is having enough truckers to get the popcorn kernels where they need to go, and a third is the bags the popped corn comes in. It turns out the material that lines the bags in is in short supply, too, so much so that some theaters are opting to serve the snack in plastic and metal containers.

Without some quick work by the White House, one of America’s favorite pastimes may become a bleak shell of its former self.