AIR FORCE: No More ‘Mom’ and ‘Dad’, Use ‘Gender Neutral’ Terms

For months now, Americans have been concerned about the creeping “wokeness” of the nation, not for its intent, which likely began as benevolent, but for what it’s become.

Being “woke” has been weaponized within our culture.  Companies are now being forced to compete in strange acts of virtue signaling just to remain un-cancelled.  It’s really rather exploitative and ugly.

And, worst of all, we’re spending exorbitant amounts of taxpayer resources to try to keep up in this wholly arbitrary game.

A diversity and inclusion training by the United States Air Force Academy in Colorado instructs cadets to use words that “include all genders” and to refrain from saying things like “mom” and “dad.”

The slide presentation titled, “Diversity & Inclusion: What it is, why we care, & what we can do,” obtained by Fox News Digital, advises cadets to use “person-centered” and gender-neutral language when describing individuals.

They even tried to push the use of “y’all”.

“Some families are headed by single parents, grandparents, foster parents, two moms, two dads, etc.: consider ‘parent or caregiver’ instead of ‘mom and dad,'” the presentation states. “Use words that include all genders​: ‘Folks’ or ‘Y’all’ instead of ‘guys’; ‘partner’ vs. ‘boyfriend or girlfriend.’”

Not everyone was thrilled.

Rep. Mike Waltz, R-Fla., a Green Beret and Afghan War veteran, pointed out during an interview with Fox News Digital that “it’s been a tradition in the military to get letters from mom and dad or your boyfriend and girlfriend for as long as there’s been a military.”

“Now we’re instructing every cadet entering the Air Force to not say ‘mom’ and ‘dad,’ to not say ‘boyfriend’ or ‘girlfriend,’ and this kind of drive towards gender neutrality,” he said. “I think the Air Force should be worried about the macro aggressions against America that are happening all over the world.”

You just have to wonder what a Drill Sergeant would have to say about being corrected on gender neutrality by a basic trainee.