Newsom & DeSantis Agree To Debate


Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and California Governor Gavin Newsom have decided to forge on alone but together.

Fox News host, Sean Hannity asked DeSantis if he would ever consider debating Newsom if Hannity hosted it.

“Absolutely, I’m game,” DeSantis said.

“Let’s get it done. Just tell me when and where we’ll do it,” DeSantis said. “In one respect, the debate between California and Florida has already been had, as you suggest, people have been voting on that, they’ve been voting on it with their feet, they have fled California in record numbers.”

“Florida has been the number one state for net in-migration,” DeSantis continued. “We have the number one ranked economy, number one now in education, crime rate at a 50-year-low. But in another sense, this is the debate for the future of our country because you have people like Joe Biden, they would love to see the Californication of the United States.”

“Biden may not even be the nominee,” DeSantis added. “You could have Gavin Newsom, you could have Kamala Harris. And I think if we go down that direction, that’s going to accelerate American decline. We can’t see America decline anymore. We need to reverse.”

This is a win-win for DeSantis. He isn’t even close to former President Trump in the polls, and it gives him an opportunity for a boost. Verbal missteps from the Florida governor are unlikely because he’s sparred with Newsom before and always comes up on top. Other the other hand, I would bet that the White House – and the VP’s office – are furious about this.

Who would have thought the best of enemies are teaming up to raise their profiles against their political rivals?