After Moving GOP Convention to Florida, Trump Now Forced to Pull The Plug


2020 continues to prove itself to be one of the most unique years on record, with it’s peculiarity extending well into the political world as well.

Not only are a great many Americans out of work on account of a global viral pandemic, but we are now facing the thought of conducting an actual presidential election in the middle of the whole thing.

Smartly, President Trump is taking some of the danger out of the nominating process, however.

President Donald Trump announced Thursday that Republicans have scrapped plans to hold convention activities in Jacksonville, Florida.

The move is a striking turnaround for Trump, who moved the convention to Jacksonville after North Carolina’s governor raised public health concerns about having massive gatherings in Charlotte, as the GOP had long planned.

Pared-back events in Charlotte will still be held, Trump said.

Despite urges to ignore them, Trump was closely watching as several Republican lawmakers said they weren’t going to Jacksonville or were considering not going, a person familiar said. Trump was wary of having sparse attendance at the convention. Just a month ago, the Trump campaign was playing up expectations for a massive crowd at the President’s first rally since the pandemic began, but those crowds in Tulsa, Oklahoma, were much smaller than expected.

The convention was originally scheduled to be held entirely in North Carolina, but certain aspects were move to Jacksonville, Florida after the Tarheel State governor objected the President’s plans for a fully attended, mask-less event.

It would appear that the White House has now come to their senses.