After Biden Pulls US Troops, 9 Million Afghans Could Starve to Death

The sheer speed with which the situation in Afghanistan has gone downhill would be impressive if it weren’t so tragic, and the conditions necessary for this unfathomable decline could only exist in a local vacuum.

That is to say that, were US President Joe Biden not so hasty in his decision to remove US troops from the theater of war, then the Taliban’s incompetence wouldn’t be leading to the possible starving death of half of that nation.

More than half of the population of Afghanistan is facing extreme hunger, a frightening development that will only intensify as winter gets set to grip the war-devastated country now under Taliban control.

“The humanitarian crisis is escalating daily in Afghanistan. Hunger in the country has reached truly unprecedented levels. Nearly 23 million people—that is 55 percent of the population—are facing extreme levels of hunger, and nearly nine million of them are at risk of famine,” said U.N. Refugee Agency spokesman Babar Baloch told Voice of America last week.

The situation was serious and dire.

Baloch, who just returned from a trip to Afghanistan, said that many elderly people and single mothers have been displaced with no food or shelter.

“One single mother that I met, she has a six-month-old baby, a 12-year-old son, a 10-year-old daughter, and two parents to look after because the husband died in the fighting. So, she has to take care of the full family … Her children go hungry. So, the two kids, the 12-year-old and the 10-year-old — they have to work,” Baloch said.

Malnutrition levels across the country have soared ahead of the winter, with Baloch warning that about 1 million Afghan children are in imminent danger of death if more aid does not reach them.

This humanitarian disaster would never have occurred had the Taliban not been able to conquer the country, and that takeover would not have been possible without Biden’s accelerated troop withdrawal, leading many to wonder whose hands this blood is on.