Biden Addresses Hawaii Aid Amid Reports


President Joe Biden has been taking a lot of heat since the weekend of August 12, 2023 he replied “no comment” when asked about the disaster in Maui.

The optics got even worse when the White House released a fact sheet bragging they are giving survivors a mere $700.

On August 15, 2023 Biden was in Milwaukee and tried to address the situation in Hawaii to quell the backlash. However, he appeared to forget the name of the island that suffered from the blaze calling it “the one where you see on television all the time.”

The President did say that at some point he would visit Hawaii and bragged about the $700 payment.

“FEMA also authorized one-time payments of $700 per household to folks who have been displaced so they can do the immediate things of just taking care of medications and prescriptions that they so badly need,” Biden said.

Biden stated that he ordered the military in the area to assist and that’s where he forgot the name.

“In the immediate aftermath, the Coast Guard and Navy supported maritime searches and rescue operations. The Army helicopters helped fire suppression and efforts on the Big Island — because there’s still some burning on the Big Island, not the one that is — not the one where you — you see on television all the time. FEMA has deployed more than 140 Urban Search and Rescue personnel as well.”

On August 16, 2023, Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre appeared on CNN to try and get White House talking points out.

He cares so much he can’t remember the name.