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President Joe Biden has had his fair share of embarrassing and potentially dangerous falls and trips during his time in office. Despite his team’s attempts to hide or downplay these incidents, they have been well-documented and widely shared on social media. The president, who is 81 years old, just had his annual physical which revealed his health issues that could contribute to his difficulty staying upright.

As reported on Breitbart:

According to his annual physical conducted in February by physician Kevin O’Connor, Biden suffers from atrial fibrillation, peripheral neuropathy in his feet, and hyperlipidemia.

One of Biden’s most notable falls occurred in February when he appeared to lose his balance while attempting to board Air Force One in Poland. The president stumbled but was able to catch himself before falling down the stairs. This was not the only time Biden has struggled with boarding Air Force One, as he has also had issues and near-falls in March and June. These incidents raise concerns about his ability to safely navigate steep and tall stairs, especially at his age.

In addition to his struggles with stairs, President Biden has also tripped while on stage during important events. In May, he stumbled while walking up the steps of the Itsukushima Shrine in Japan, where he was meeting with world leaders. This could have been a potentially dangerous fall, and it is a reminder of the fragility of the president’s health.

Perhaps one of the most concerning incidents occurred in October when President Biden fell while walking up a short flight of steps in Philadelphia. This incident once again raised questions about his physical ability to carry out the responsibilities of his role. It is also concerning how easily and frequently these falls and trips seem to happen, as evidenced by the multiple incidents that have been caught on camera.

The president’s annual physical only adds to these concerns, as it revealed several health issues including atrial fibrillation, peripheral neuropathy in his feet, and hyperlipidemia. This means that Biden not only struggles with balance and stability, but he also has other underlying health conditions that could potentially put his safety at risk.

Some may argue that these incidents are simply a result of old age and should not be cause for concern. However, given the weight and responsibility of the role of president, it is crucial that the person in this position is physically and mentally fit to handle the demands of the job. These falls and trips not only put the president’s own safety at risk but also raise doubts about his ability to lead effectively.

It is also worth noting the attempts by the White House and the media to downplay or ignore these incidents. The fact that these falls and trips have been caught on camera and shared widely on social media shows that the public is aware of them and has cause for concern. Yet, the media has largely remained silent on the matter, choosing to focus on other aspects of Biden’s presidency.