5 Words Perfectly Rebut Biden’s SOTU Speech


    On Tuesday evening, following President Biden’s State of the Union address, Rep. Juan Ciscomani, R-Ariz., gave a Spanish version of the Republican rebuttal. In his speech, Ciscomani highlighted a stark contrast between Biden’s comments praising the state of the union and the crippling inflation, deadly drugs, and surging violence that many Americans face every day.

    Ciscomani highlighted the fact that President Biden failed to address the plight of many Americans who are struggling to just get by. “President Biden wants to tell you that everything is great, but why aren’t people feeling great?” he asked.

    The lawmaker went on to criticize Biden’s lack of leadership and solutions to the many problems facing the country. “The American dream feels more unattainable, and sadly, President Biden fails to show leadership and present any viable solution,” he said. He added that the cost of living is “out of control”, citing the rising prices of milk, bread, eggs, and gas.

    The Congressman used five words that perhaps rebut Biden’s entire speech, “buying eggs is a luxury.”

    Ciscomani also addressed the issue of deadly drugs like fentanyl, which he said are the number one cause of death among young people in his county in Southern Arizona. “It’s a crisis, and it’s only gotten worse,” he said. He urged Americans and his colleagues to stand up against Biden’s policies and fight for the values that made the American dream possible.

    The Republican plan includes protecting and strengthening the future of Social Security and Medicare, fighting inflation and reducing the cost of living, increasing border security, investing in an efficient and effective military, and defending veterans’ health and economic needs.

    Ciscomani concluded his remarks by emphasizing the importance of fighting for the American dream and the opportunity for success it provides. “That’s why it’s important to keep fighting for our country,” he said.

    Biden’s speech was the most DC-disconnected speech you’ll ever hear. You see the Democrats running to the TV right now praising the speech saying it was great. The people in Washington have no idea what it’s like outside the beltway.

    It will be interesting to see the SOTU poll and how the media words them. Was the speech good? Yes, it was literally a MAGA speech. The problem was it had no bounds to the realities facing the country. For an hour, we watched an old man yell about baggage fees when people in the northern parts of the country struggle to pay for heating oil because he broke our energy independence.

    One thing about Biden is he – nor his staff – cannot read the room. Biden is about one more decision from ending up like George Bush did after Katrina.