$3 Million Worth of Fentanyl Seized – Could Have Killed 50 Million – Watch


It was almost released into our nation, and it could have killed 50 million people. This is the latest shipment of the deadly drug fentanyl that came close to making it across our southern border. 

“San Diego Agents & local LEO partners arrested 3 and seized 232 lbs. of Fentanyl worth over $3 million,” Raul Ortiz, Chief of U.S. Border Patrol, tweeted. “This amount of Fentanyl had the potential to kill over 50 million people. We continue to take the fight to the cartels and narcotics smugglers!”

Bill Melugin of Fox News LA said that Border Patrol sources indicated the arrest was made during a traffic stop on a highway in San Clemente in Orange County.

Melugin suggested that the drugs had been smuggled into the United States through a vehicle that Border patrol missed at a port of entry, or through the use of drug mules.

Just last month, Texas Rep. Dan Crenshaw proposed the use of the U.S. military to fight the drug cartels smuggling deadly fentanyl across the southern border into the United States.

The Texas representative spoke with Neil Cavuto from Fox News. Cavuto asked Crenshaw what concerned him. 

“Well, look, we recently introduced AUMF, an Authorized Use of Military Force against the cartels and any other organizations that traffic fentanyl specifically. So why now and why not years ago? These Mexican drug cartels have been around for a while. The difference now is fentanyl,” Crenshaw answered. 

He went further saying that it was not just a drug problem and we weren’t in a war on a drug problem. He said it is a poisoning problem, and the drug cartels are killing about 80,000 Americans a year. He said the Mexican government is doing almost nothing to stop it. 

So Rep. Crenshaw said there should be a bipartisan effort in Congress to pass an Authorized Use of Military Force to deal with the drug cartels. He said it would give the president more leverage in getting the Mexican government to do its job.