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ICYMI: Former Trump Lawyer Believes an Indictment is Coming

Trump has a habit of escaping trouble, however, and there's no evidence to suggest that this trend will be ending any time soon.

Experts Thinks Metaverse ‘Digital Children’ Will Replace Real Kids

All this while many of us still feel slightly uncomfortable using our real names online.

Herpes Kills Cancer? New Clinical Trial Shocks Medical World

The treatment is so promising that some officials have suggested that it's a "death warrant" for cancer cells.

SEE IT: Wild New UFO Videos Emerge from Idaho

America's obsession with UFO's has been around for decades, thanks in no small part to the alleged crash of a flying saucer in Roswell,...

Kamala Harris to Visit Korea DMZ After Neglecting Southern US Border

But is the stunt aimed at diminishing Donald Trump's own visit?

District Attorney Could be Bring Bad News to Alec Baldwin

Baldwin may not be out of the woods yet.

Expert Begin Fretting as Hurricane Ian Intensifies

Ian appears to be on track to make history...in all the wrong ways.